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Body Care

Shop for all your Body Care products from a variety of different brands. Greener Beauty is always vegan, always cruelty free, only ever ethical brands and always toxic chemical free.

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    Avalon Organics Lemon Hand and Body Lotion

    Earn 7.99 Reward Points


    Avalon Organics – Lemon Hand and Body Lotion: Refreshing lemon essential oil, safflower oil, aloe, shea butter and nutrient-rich beta-glucan work together to restore skin’s natural lipid balance. A daily dose of nourishing moisture keeps skin soft and supple.


    Bain & Savon Calendula Healing Salve

    Earn 12 Reward Points

    This flower may look pretty and delicate but it is extremely effective and really helps to speed up healing. It does this by stimulating a faster rate of skin cell renewal and regrowth. It is also very calming if your skin is broken or irritated.


    Bain & Savon Cinnamon Coffee Scrub

    Earn 8.99 Reward Points

    The Bain & Savon luxurious Cinnamon Coffee Scrub is filled with antioxidants which help neutralise the signs of ageing, drying and dry skin. It’s slightly foaming recipe helps give you the best body scrub ever and is also so gentle you can use it as a facial scrub. It leaves your skin fresher, younger and more moisturised in appearance.


    Bain & Savon Dandelion & Lemongrass Body Balm

    Earn 8.5 Reward Points

    Dandelion flowers were chosen for this recipe since they are especially effective at reliving chapped, dry skin. Bain & Savon’s Dandelion & Lemongrass Body Balm melts into the skin, deeply penetrating the epidermis and nourishing from within.


    Bain & Savon Dandelion Magnesium Balm

    Earn 8.95 Reward Points

    A wonderful balm for joint pain, muscle aches, eczema, and bruises.


    Bain & Savon Dry Body Oil


    Dry body oils are quick absorbing and leave no residue. They condition and moisturise the skin leaving a silky, soft feel.


    Bain & Savon Hemp Foot Balm

    Earn 12 Reward Points

    Show your gratitude to those stressed, calloused and endlessly devoted peds with this tingly, refreshing antibacterial blend of essential oils in a highly nourishing base of hand-whipped organic shea butter, hemp oil and coconut oil to name but a few of the delicious oils used.


    Bain & Savon Lavender Dandelion & Comfrey Pain Relief Balm

    Earn 6.5 Reward Points

    A wonderful infusion of lavender flowers, dandelion flowers and comfrey leaves into a lovely balm, that collectively ease pains in joints and pressure headaches.


    Bain & Savon Peony Sugar Scrub

    Earn 8 Reward Points

    Used to gently slough away built-up dead skin cells that have been lingering on the skin’s surface, sugar scrubs are a favorite skin care product.

    Fresh peony petals are used to naturally colour this invigorating hand and body scrub.


    Eco By Sonya Extreme Exfoliant Glove

    Earn 13 Reward Points


    Eco by Sonya Extreme Exfoliant Glove This is no ordinary glove! A must for pre and post tanning to reveal fresh smooth skin to allow a long lasting application of your fake tan. It can be used as a dry buffer or with with water.

    Eco By Sonya Organic Cacao Tanning Mousse

    Earn 28.09 Reward Points


    Organic 1 hour Foaming Tanning Mousse. WINNER: Best Fake Tan at Janey Loves Platinum wards 2016. Lightweight Self Tanning Mousse for Body & Face: Cacao Firming Mousse delivers a luxurious deep bronze tan in one application Suitable for all skin tones

    Eco By Sonya Organic Coconut Body Milk

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Earn 28.09 Reward Points


    Certified Organic Coconut Body Milk for Long Lasting Hydration. A magical organic body moisturiser. Perfect for sensitive skins such as eczema and psoriasis. Combines the healing properties of Coconut Oil with aloe vera, macadamia and jojoba. Delivers long lasting hydration for the whole family, perfect for your little ones

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