Lip Liner

Lip Liner

Shop for all your Lip Liner Makeup here from a variety of different brands. Greener Beauty is always vegan, always cruelty free, only ever ethical brands and always toxic chemical free.

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    Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Lip and Brow Wax Pencil

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    Beauty Without Cruelty Natural lip and brow wax pencil; use as an invisible lip liner and primer, and also to ‘tidy’ the edges after applying lipstick.

    Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Lip Liner


    Beauty Without Cruelty Natural lip liner Lip Pencils create a defined edge for lipstick and help to prevent feathering.

    ZAO Pencil

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    Discover our new range of pencils for eyes, lips and eyebrows. Find some intense and deep colours to highlight your eyes and contour of your lips. Experience an easy make-up without dragging delicate skin on eyelids. Organic certified formulas, respectful of your skin, especially dedicated for sensitive eyes and skin. Also suitable for contact lens wearers.

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