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    3 Way Nail Buffer

    Earn 2.99 Reward Points


    3 Way Buffer evens natural nails, smoothes ridges and buffs to give nails a deep, long lasting shine and encourage circulation. Size: 7in.

    4 Way Buffer Block

    Earn 1.99 Reward Points


    4 Way Buffer Block provides natural nails with a deep, long lasting shine and encourages circulation. Made with a foam centre this buffer is easy to hold, flexible and durable making buffing simple and easy.

    Bain & Savon Peony Salt Scrub Foot Bars

    Earn 5 Reward Points

    A beautiful blend of fresh flower petals, sea salt and coconut oil that polish, smooth rough dry feet.

    Each pot contains 5x20g bars approx weight.

    Bain & Savon Nail & Cuticle Salve

    Earn 8 Reward Points

    Bain & Savon Nail & Cuticle Salve is a highly nourishing blend of herbs and oils for enhancing strength and appearance of nails on both hands and feet.


    Bain & Savon Pedicure Bath Balls

    Earn 5 Reward Points

    Pedicure bath balls are a quick way to relax tired feet or just to feel good.  They will smooth and soften your skin and help add some moisture to your feet.

    Each pot contains 6 x 3.5cm Pedi balls.

    Bain & Savon Pedicure Perfect Luxury Gift Box

    Earn 34 Reward Points

    The Bain & Savon Pedicure Perfect Luxury gift Box is full of beautiful pedi treats, artistically designed, packed into a lovely presentation box and tied with the signature Bain & Savon black ribbon.

    The gift set contains 60ml peppermint foot treatment, 15ml nail & cuticle balm, 60ml hemp foot balm, two pedicure bath balls and a 200ml soothing peppermint leg & foot lotion.

    Bain & Savon Peppermint Foot Treatment

    Earn 6.5 Reward Points

    Bain & Savon Peppermint Foot Treatment is both an aggressive exfoliant and deeply nourishing cream foam. This alpine-fresh treatment deliciously transforms your calloused peds into kitten paws.


    Beauty Without Cruelty Kind Clean Nails

    Earn 12.5 Reward Points

    Beauty Without Cruelty Kind Clean Nails is a unique, clear, 100% bio-sourced remover gently hydrates the nail plate and cuticles as it smoothly removes all trace of nail colour.

    Beauty Without Cruelty Kind Colourful Nails


    A two coat efficacy nail colour system made with 85% bio-sourced ingredients and without harsh chemicals.

    Beauty Without Cruelty Kind Strong Nails

    Earn 9.5 Reward Points

    84% Plant based nail hardener. With nail nutrients and anti-oxidants – Spinach, Avocado and Green Tea. Hardens nail plate, protects from damaging water penetration which causes splitting and peeling, strenthens and reduces fragility.

    Cuticle Knife/Pusher

    Earn 4.45 Reward Points


    Cuticle Knife/Pusher, made of high grade stainless steel this Lotus Essentials Cuticle Knife and Scraper is a double ended implement perfect for removing and tidying up cuticles.

    Double Sided Foot File

    Earn 3.99 Reward Points


    Double Sided Metal Foot File is a pedicure essential offering a strong and durable grit which can be sterilised for salon hygiene.
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