Nail Accessories

Nail Accessories

Shop for Nail Accessories from a variety of different brands. Greener Beauty is always vegan, always cruelty free, only ever ethical brands and always toxic chemical free.

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    3 Way Nail Buffer

    Earn 2.99 Reward Points


    3 Way Buffer evens natural nails, smoothes ridges and buffs to give nails a deep, long lasting shine and encourage circulation. Size: 7in.

    4 Way Buffer Block

    Earn 1.99 Reward Points


    4 Way Buffer Block provides natural nails with a deep, long lasting shine and encourages circulation. Made with a foam centre this buffer is easy to hold, flexible and durable making buffing simple and easy.

    Cuticle Knife/Pusher

    Earn 4.45 Reward Points


    Cuticle Knife/Pusher, made of high grade stainless steel this Lotus Essentials Cuticle Knife and Scraper is a double ended implement perfect for removing and tidying up cuticles.

    Double Sided Foot File

    Earn 3.99 Reward Points


    Double Sided Metal Foot File is a pedicure essential offering a strong and durable grit which can be sterilised for salon hygiene.

    Lint Free Wipes

    Earn 3 Reward Points


    These Lint Free Nail Wipes (x 200) are ideal for prepping the nail before polish is applied or removing gel residue. Pack of 200.

    Maggie Anne Glass Nail File

    Earn 4.98 Reward Points


    Maggie Anne glass nail file. A hand-crafted file that makes shaping your nails quick and easy. Luxurious high quality glass nail file so you can shape your nails smoothly for years to come. Presented with a black velvet pouch to protect against dust and dirt.

    Maggie Anne Toe Separator

    Earn 2.25 Reward Points


    Toe separator separates toes for manicure or polish.

    Manicure Bowl

    Earn 4.54 Reward Points


    The Shellfish manicure bowl is Acetone safe and shell-shaped for comfort.

    Natural Emery Boards x10

    Earn 2.05 Reward Points


    Natural Emery Boards x10

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