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    Bain & Savon Green Clay Facial Mask

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    Green Clay is highly absorbent, antiseptic and antimicrobial; it works by binding to and removing toxins, heavy metals and impurities from the pores. It is packed with brilliant minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and bentonite, the green colour comes from its high iron content and ancient broken down organic matter.


    Bain & Savon Rose Clay Facial Mask

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    The Rose Clay Facial Mask is Bain & Savon’s most gentle mask. The flower petals in this mask form a nutrient-rich tea when combined with warm water. Pink Clay is included for its gently detoxifying benefits and Rose Hip powder infuses skin with vitamin C. The result is a skin softening beautifying mask that leaves skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated.


    Bain & Savon White Clay Facial Mask

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    This clay mask is for you if you have extremely sensitive skin. It is made up of Kaolin clay and pure Chamomile flowers. These homegrown flowers are dried and then ground into a fine powder so you can get the full benefit of using them on your skin.


    Eco By Sonya Organic Face Compost Mask

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    NEW Face Compost Mask ORGANIC 7 MINUTE MASK FOR ALL SKIN TYPES This NEW Face Compost Mask is not just any face mask; it is a phenomenal luxe organic mask for all skin types that will take your skin to its next level.

    Guiltless Skin Renew Brightening Gel Mask with Papaya Extract

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    A naturally occurring enzyme mask that resurfaces the outer layer of skin, quickly turning over dead cells to reveal a luminous complexion.


    Natural Wisdom Love Thyself Organic Rose Petal Cleansing Mask



    A beautiful gift box comprising of a reusable Miron jar containing 50g of Rose Petal Facial Cleansing Mask (sufficient for 30 cleanses), a unique cedarwood hand crafted bowl & spoon & one organic cotton muslin face cloth.

    Also available as a 50ml refill option

    Natural Wisdom Matcha Green Tea & Vitamin C Facial Mask & Polish

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    Natural Wisdom Matcha Green Tea & Vitamin C provides a luxurious & gentle Antioxidant Face Mask & Polish to encourage healthy skin cell renewal & a brighter complexion

    Optiat Nourishing Hemp Face Mask

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    With the Optiat Nourishing Hemp Face Mask put your feet up, relax, unwind and luxuriate in the spa-like qualities of this nourishing clay mask. This mineral-rich Rhassoul Clay gently draws out any impurities, while the English Hemp Husks polish away dead skin cells. In addition to this Calendula and Marshmallow Root hydrate, soothe and boost cell renewal.


    Optiat Purifying Hemp Face Mask

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    With the Optiat Purifying Hemp Face Mask, deep cleanse your way to a clearer, more radiant complexion. English Hemp Husks gently polish away dead skin cells, while Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal draw out toxins. Skin-loving superfoods Chlorella and Kelp brighten your skin, boost cell renewal and fight the signs of ageing.


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