Incognito Room Refresher


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100% natural; non-toxic and free from irritants, parabens and SLSs with a fresh pine and citrus aroma. Use indoors to keep insects out for up to 3 months.

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Incognito Room Refresher

Incognito Room Refresher acts like a plug-in, and leaves your room smelling like a fresh pine forest. It requires no batteries or plug and is 100% natural and chemical free. The citrusy fragrance emitted is also perfect for relaxation and stress-relief.

The aroma released by the Java citronella significantly helps to reduce your attractiveness to insects, which is particularly useful for night-time use. This handy little tub will keep insects out of a room for up to 3 months if lid is replaced when not in use, or 3 weeks if used continuously.

  • 100% natural; non-toxic and free from irritants, parabens and SLSs
  • Fresh pine and citrus aroma
  • Use instead of toxic plug-ins or mosquito coils
  • Use indoors to keep insects out for up to 3 months
  • Works on all insects; powerful enough to use anywhere in the world
  • Our 2nd best-selling product!
  • Winner of the Platinum Award Home & Garden category 2016
  • Vegan Society approved

For complete protection anywhere in the world, use in conjunction with incognito’s Spray, moisturiser and/or Roll On. Being extremely lightweight and compact, it is the perfect companion for backpacking trips, as well as tent and caravan use. Combine with incognito Incense Sticks for indoor and outdoor protection. Finally, there is no GM, and we never test on animals!

Weight: 40g, Height: 2.6cm, Diameter: 5.72cm


Incognito Room Refresher Ingredients

Garlic oil, pine oil, camphor powder, organic Java citronella oil. Sustainably packed.



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100 % Effective100 % Effective100 % Effective100 % Effective

About Incognito

The first bottle of incognito went on the shelves in the Summer of 2007. Starting with just one line and a team of two Incognito were passionately committed to help people avoid insect bites and stings. incognito insect repellent was born out of the misfortune of its creator Howard Carter, who despite taking both anti-malarial tablets and a deet based insect repellent, was struck by malaria during his travels through India. Six months later, during a trip to Asia Howard suffered again from insect bites, this time with Dengue fever. The experience motivated Howard to invent a truly effective, natural insect repellent which would protect people from insect bites all over the world, incognito was born!

Incognito’s mission is to create an effective, 100% natural insect repellent that is as strong as any other on the market yet is still safe enough to use on babies as young as 3 months old.

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