Mr Masey’s Emporium of Beards Black Stand


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This stylish shaving stand will present your shaving equipment beautifully and it is a practical item too.



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Mr Masey’s Emporium of Beards Black Stand

Mr Masey’s Emporium of Beards Black Stand is a stylish shaving stand that will present your shaving equipment beautifully and it is a practical item too.

The front brush holder will take most size brushes and it designed to let the brush spoils drain away from the quills, therefore prolonging the life of your brush. The razor holder will take many traditional (DE) razors and cartridge razors. Made from stainless steel which has been powder coated.



About Mr Masey’s Emporium of Beards

In 2014, Mr Masey took it upon himself to craft a collection of superior quality beard and moustache care products and Mr Masey’s Emporium of Beards was born. Beard oils & wax, beard wash & serum, shaving oil, cologne and lots more, each handmade in Brighton, UK for the discerning gentleman.

It is the strongly held belief of Mr Masey that it is fundamentally wrong to test products on, or to exploit animals in the making of such products. With this is in mind, each product is completely vegan and cruelty free.

Mr Masey’s Emporium of Beards products are all handmade by the very charismatic and perfectly bearded Mr Masey. Featuring products from beard care to body care, skincare and shaving products.

Most men are completely fine with looking after the hair on their head; we wash it, condition it, maybe style it a bit if we’re feeling decadent. We are good at maintaining our hair with lovely products and we look after our scalp to make sure it remains free from dryness and flakiness.

Applying the same thinking to your facial hair will result in a healthier, fuller and more manageable beard. Mr Masey’s products are all plant based and contain no petroleum or salt or any nasty ingredients which are detrimental to your beard.

And just like your head, the benefits of beard oils don’t stop at the hair. If you’ve had a beard for any length of time and haven’t looked after it you’ll probably notice the skin beneath looking a bit red, dry and maybe even a bit flaky. You may even have experienced the beard equivalent of dandruff and whilst there isn’t an equivalent Head and Shoulders shampoo, Mr Masey has a far superior, salon quality beard shampoo and conditioner which has been designed specifically for the beard. 

Beard hair takes moisture away from the skin, the external environment (especially if you live in a cold or dry climate or in a hard water area) then dries out the beard, leaving you with dry flaky skin and a hard, brittle beard. Maintaining a healthy beard is vital, daily application of a beard oil and weekly shampooing and conditioning will mitigate all those nasty effects.

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