Natural Wisdom Organic Blue Tansy Balm


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Natural Wisdom Organic Blue Tansy Balm is an aroma therapeutic product to cool, calm and soothe skin.



Natural Wisdom Organic Blue Tansy Balm

Natural Wisdom Organic Blue Tansy Balm is an aroma therapeutic product to cool, calm and soothe skin.

Natural Wisdom’s Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum) Oil is an abundant source of chamazulene (>5%), myrcene (5.5%), sabinene (20.3%) p-cymene (2.8% and camphor 4.7%). It’s these calming compounds and others that are responsible for the soothing & cooling benefits to the skin.

Blended together with organic Blue Chamomile essential oil, Pomegranate seed oil & Spilanthe acmella flower extract in a creamy raw organic shea butter base, this balm is a highly potent antioxidant skin treatment to aid in reducing puffiness, redness, irritation & dryness.


  • Skin prone to redness, puffiness and dryness
  • An excellent after sun treatment, helping to restore and rebalance moisture levels in the skin and heat UV damage.
  • Dehydrated areas
  • Sore skin, grazes, damaged skin, healing skin.
  • Provides excellent support and protection for all skin types

How to use Natural Wisdom Organic Blue Tansy Balm


  • As an Eye Treatment Balm: Apply at night, after cleansing. Pat a thin layer of balm onto the skin just under the eye and to the eye lid, repeat after cleansing in the morning.
  • Use as a cooling all purpose skin treatment to aid in the repair of skin moisture levels: Apply a thin layer of balm to the area of skin that needs calming, soothing & cooling. Re-apply every 2 hours as needed. Stop and apply less frequently once the desired level of hydration has been achieved.
  • Use as an After Sun Balm and to cool and soothe redness. May be helpful in reducing the redness or peri oral dermatitis.


  • An oil cleanser- cleanse the face well, apply a very thin layer to the skin in small circular motions and remove with a hot cloth.
  • A superb dry, chapped skin saviour (eg: wind and rain chaf) – apply as needed
  • A water barrier to protect skin from the elements, perfect for sailing, riding and other cold weather sports.
  • A gardening balm – apply to sore hands after gardening to relieve aching muscles.
  • As a winter face and hand Moisturiser
  • Also perfect to add as a hair and beard shine and conditioner
Even the purest natural ingredients can disagree with your skin chemistry, so In the unlikely event of a skin reaction stop using this product.

Natural Wisdom Organic Blue Tansy Balm Ingredients

ORGANIC SHEA NUT BUTTER is a nutritious fat from the African Shea Tree that is rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and phytosterols known to help reduce inflammation. Shea butter creates a breathable barrier that won’t suffocate skin like petroleum products do. It’s soft and easy to apply and instantly soothes stinging, chapped skin.

ORGANIC POMEGRANATE SEED EXTRACT- a rich, nourishing seed oil containing more than 60% punicic acid, this seed oil has been found to have chemopreventive properties against UV skin damage. A rich Omega 5 antioxidant oil.

ORGANIC BLUE TANSY ESSENTIAL OIL is a rare and sought after essential oil that has proven skin cooling, soothing properties. Anti inflammatory and anti fungal.

ORGANIC BLUE CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL is a respected medicinal essential oil used to treat skincare eruptions. It’s cooling, soothing and regenerative.

SPILANTHES ACMELLA FLOWER EXTRACT – restructures collagen fibres in the skin to firm and tighten the surface of the skin visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

ORGANIC ROSEMARY LEAF ANTIOXIDANT – protects the oils from becoming prematurely rancid and gives this balm a long shelf life of two years when keep correctly. (Cool & away from heat)

97% Certified organic ingredients

3% Wild crafted ingredients.




Natural Wisdom

About Natural Wisdom

Natural Wisdom is artisan crafted with carefully selected, premium raw ingredients. They use CO2 extracted fruit and berry seed oils and herbal botanical extracts with the highest levels of antioxidant vitamins and therapeutic properties.
All Natural Wisdom recipes are cold blended to protect the vital force or energy signature of the raw ingredients and to guarantee maximum purity and potency.

Natural Wisdom Organic Skincare is pure unadulterated, undiluted superfood for your skin. They never use cheap, weak filler ingredients, refined carrier oils, wax emulsifiers, alcohol, animal ingredients or nonsense. Instead of using plain water they make their own double strength Aloe vera gel with flower and herb hydrosols.

Hand made with love from nutrient dense, antioxidant rich ingredients that result in products that restore, rejuvenate, nourish and protect your skin from the challenges of our changing times.

Ethical trade is central to Natural Wisdom’s purchasing policy. They believe that business should benefit everyone equally and not some disproportionately and they work hard to buy directly from the producer/manufacturer/grower and individual artisan.

Natural Wisdom made the decision not to use pretty, shiny boxes to house their bottles and jars; this reduces waste and is much kinder on the environment. Instead of shiny boxes they opted for biodegradable protective packaging which is easily recyclable and reusable. After a lot of research they chose Miron Violet (bio-photonic) glass which is scientifically proven to energise and protect the superfood ingredients from the damaging effects of light exposure.



Jar size and type

Miron Glass jar 15g, Cedar Wood pot 20g, Miron Glass jar 50g

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