Natural Wisdom Sandalwood & Jasmin Unisex Solid Perfume


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A versatile and completely natural solid Sandalwood & Jasmin Organic Perfume from Natural Wisdom. No alcohol, no artificial fragrances, low allergy, vegan and cruelty free.



Natural Wisdom Sandalwood & Jasmin Unisex Solid Perfume

Sandalwood is a unique fragrance that is instantly enchanting. Sandalwood is not an over powering oil, even when its undiluted, it is subtle, in the same way that Vanilla is subtle and like Vanilla its fragrance travels, persists and has an incredible tenacity which is a clue to kind of personalities this great perfume will be suited to.

True Sandalwood is a creamy, warm subtle & luxurious aroma that once inhaled can never be forgotten. It is grounding, strengthening, promotes courage and helps to connect us with our inner power.

Sandalwood is a fragrance long associated with meditation, inner wisdom and a calm sense of presence. This is a solid perfume for the self aware.

“Where ever you go, there you are” (so you might as well learn to love yourself)

With an added a touch of organic Jasmin CO2 extract to our Sandalwood, the Jasmin is just a touch. It’s there in the background like a stroll through a Jasmin garden. It’s a gentle loving breeze of one the most beloved flowers of love.

This Sandalwood & Jasmin organic solid perfume is a gift that communicates deeply and everlasting devotion and love.

Natural Wisdom use premium pure Sandalwood from producers where the wood is carefully and ethically managed and our Jasmin essential oil is CO2 extracted and therefore considered pure enough to be certified as organic.

One of Natural Wisdom’s most precious Solid Perfumes and each pot contains more than 10% essential oils.

Natural Wisdom Solid Vegan Perfumes are made with organic Shea butter, organic Carnauba wax, pure essential oils, floral waxes and Moroccan perfumery resins. They are alcohol free, vegan and 100% natural. Designed not to melt in your bag

You can wear these natural vegan fragrances to scent your skin or your hair. These beautiful unique solid perfumes & solid colognes will help you create an ambiance for your life, invoke happiness on a cloudy day and inspire your creativity!

Made fresh to order.

The root wood of the Cedar tree is the perfect receptacle for Solid Perfumes because these pots are air tight and UV blocking so they help to protect the perfume.

Natural Wisdom solid perfumes are perfect plastic free traveling companions, easy and discreet to apply, no liquids, no risk of breaking, the small and compact container makes it easy to slip into your pocket. They will soften in warm weather but they won’t melt! They won’t stain your skin or clothes and they will help you smell fresh and beautiful.

How to use Natural Wisdom Sandalwood & Jasmin Unisex Solid Perfume

Apply to your pulse points or rub a little between your hands and apply as a body perfume or hair perfume.

There is a minimum of 10% essential oils inside every pot. For the best results please use this solid perfume within 6 months of purchase.

Simply rub on your wrists, neck, hair or beard and enjoy!

Natural Wisdom Sandalwood & Jasmin Unisex Solid Perfume Ingredients

*Shea butter, *Carnauba wax, *Sandalwood (sustainably and ethically harvested from Australia), *Organic Jasmin CO2 Extract100% pure essential oils
*organic ingredient


Natural Wisdom

About Natural Wisdom

Natural Wisdom is artisan crafted with carefully selected, premium raw ingredients. They use CO2 extracted fruit and berry seed oils and herbal botanical extracts with the highest levels of antioxidant vitamins and therapeutic properties.
All Natural Wisdom recipes are cold blended to protect the vital force or energy signature of the raw ingredients and to guarantee maximum purity and potency.

Natural Wisdom Organic Skincare is pure unadulterated, undiluted superfood for your skin. They never use cheap, weak filler ingredients, refined carrier oils, wax emulsifiers, alcohol, animal ingredients or nonsense. Instead of using plain water they make their own double strength Aloe vera gel with flower and herb hydrosols.

Hand made with love from nutrient dense, antioxidant rich ingredients that result in products that restore, rejuvenate, nourish and protect your skin from the challenges of our changing times.

Ethical trade is central to Natural Wisdom’s purchasing policy. They believe that business should benefit everyone equally and not some disproportionately and they work hard to buy directly from the producer/manufacturer/grower and individual artisan.

Natural Wisdom made the decision not to use pretty, shiny boxes to house their bottles and jars; this reduces waste and is much kinder on the environment. Instead of shiny boxes they opted for biodegradable protective packaging which is easily recyclable and reusable. After a lot of research they chose Miron Violet (bio-photonic) glass which is scientifically proven to energise and protect the superfood ingredients from the damaging effects of light exposure.



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