The Buddha Beauty Company Organic Trio Votive Revive Set


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A set of three fresh votives: Radiance, Energise and Yan


The Buddha Beauty Company Organic Trio Votive Revive Set

A set of three fresh votives: Radiance, Energise and Yan


A fruity treat that will arouse your senses with fragrances of freshly picked berries, and hints of rose. Spiced also with a touch of ginger to add heat and zest to this already tangy aroma, The Buddha Beauty Candle of Radiance will infuse your mind and body with endless energy.


The fruity aroma of Quince, an infusion of apples and pears, together with the sharp tangy scent of Raspberry make this candle an ideal energiser for the home. Brought to you in the form of The Buddha Beauty Votive Candle, this scent is certain to freshen up your house air with a zesty, spirited fragrance.


The Rhubarb and Ginger Organic Room Candle is perfect for re-vitalising a space that needs a bit of a lift. The rustic but sweet scent of Rhubarb, infused with the tangy sharp notes of Ginger, will leave your room filled with fresh energy and a spring in its step.

How to use The Buddha Beauty Company Organic Trio Votive Revive Set

To use this candle for massage, and to ensure ultimate relaxation and safety, we recommend it to be used by a qualified massage therapist.

Before lighting, ensure the candle is clear of all obstructions, on a non flammable level surface, and in a room free of all drafts.

You can now light the candle, which should be allowed to burn for around one hour, prior to treatment. This should not be left unattended and should remain in sight during this time.

After one hour burn time, your oil pool should now be enough to use during treatment. Take your candle glass by the base, and into the other cupped hand, pour a pool of oil, amounting to the size of a two pence piece.

After putting the candle back on your safe surface, rub both hands together and massage into the skin keeping the warm wax oil moving. This will keep the wax from re-setting and give you enough moisture to glide smoothly over the skin.




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About The Buddha Beauty Company

The founder of The Buddha Beauty Company is Llewelyn is a Reiki Master Teacher and a world traveller. Drawing inspiration from the many lands he has visited, with a particular admiration for the exotic spas of the Far East, the Buddha Beauty Company was born after more than a decade of voyaging the globe. Since its conception, the Company has developed an elegant range of skincare products and home fragrances that are natural and authentic, effectual and delectably appealing.

The Buddha Beauty Company has the roots of its philosophy in the simple idea of “feeling good”. Each beautiful bouquet brings together nature and tireless research to ensure that coarse chemicals like Sodium Laurel Sulphate and other Paraben preservatives are surplus to requirement.

The first Buddha Beauty product was inspired by the captivating combination of aromatic orange with a twist of ginger, and today the Company offers a natural and organic range of equally stylish fragrances.

Each perfume, exquisite worn solo, can be combined, complemented, and layered with other Buddha Beauty scents for infinite bespoke effects, while fragrant candles creates an ambience as inviting as the scent on your skin.

Buddha Beauty have won many awards not only for their incredible range of products but also the incredible treatments that are offered at their salon in Cholton, Manchester. Full details of this salon can be found here




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